Aug. 6th, 2012

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Plot Challenges from an Insanely Overactive Imagination Volume 14:

I was watching A TeniPuri Touch of Yaoi on YouTube and this came out of no were and smacked me upside the head… actually I think the idea for this came while typing up the last Challenge, it just chose now to make itself known.


What would happen if Yagyuu was dating Fuji instead of Niou? How would they interact? What would their teammates say? Assuming their teammates even know. How would the teams find out?  What would Niou and Tezuka do once they found out?

This idea actually scares me. That’s, that’s, I’m not sure what that is, but it gave me another idea. So, bye and have fun!!

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Plot Challenges from an Insanely Overactive Imagination Volume 15:

This one comes due to the last one and can be seen as related or not related. It’s your choice.


What happens when you have Yagyuu and Fuji at the tennis courts at the same time? Especially just after the Nationals end?  What happens when Yagyuu challenges Fuji to a match? Who will win? The Tensai? The Gentleman? Or the Petenshi that’s watching from the sidelines?

Wow that’s not exactly what I thought it would be, but oh, well this sounds MUCH better then what I had in mind. ^_^ Have fun!!  Ja ne!

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Plot Challenges from an Insanely Overactive Imagination Volume 16:

This comes courtesy of a short chat with XTheTricksterX about vacations and “going wild like Kin-chan”. For some reason I get ideas from just about anything, it’s really strange.


We all know how Kin-chan is normally and how Shiraishi gets him under control. So what happens when Kin-chan goes on vacation without his teammates? Who will he encounter? Where will he go? How will anyone stop him?  Well this is Kin-chan we’re talking about; I don’t think chaos covers it.

I’ll be going on vacation this Wednesday and won’t be back for a week (YAY! First vacation in five years!). That’s how this (see top note) kinda started. …Hey this is the first challenge that involves someone from Shitenhouji by themselves.  Have fun!! Ja ne!

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