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Plot Challenges from an Insanely overactive Imagination Volume 17:

I know I haven't done anything for awhile but I didn't have any ideas. This idea just popped into my head for no reason.

PoT/Vampire Knight Crossover:

What would happen if Kuran Kaname was afraid of only one thing? Who would try to use it? Would they succeed? Everyone who knows of his fear wonders why (when they see Normal Akaya) why he's afraid of him. But then who wouldn't be afraid of Chibi Devil Mode Akaya.

This is mostly due to an image of Chibi Devil Mode Akaya chasing Chibi Kaname. Don't ask me where it came from because I don't know. Have fun! ^_^

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Plot Challenges from an Insanely Overactive Imagination Volume 12:

This idea came while I was reading Shitsuren; it’s a Vampire Knight fic.

PoT/Vampire Knight Crossover:

What would have happened if the Seigaku Regulars went on a camping trip and instead of finding their camping site they stumbled across Cross Academy? What would they do? What would the Guardians do? Hell what would the Night Class do? What will they find out? Will they become lunch?

I think I’ll stop this one now…*smiles sheepishly* I just realized that these challenges sound like summaries… that wasn’t my intention. Oh well. Have fun and see you next time!! =^_^=

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