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if there is one thing I hate about catching a cold (and why the hell would you want to catch one anyway?) is the headache that comes with it. I can deal with the rest of the symptoms but that one makes everything almost impossible to do. *grumbles* hopefully it'll clear up soon!


Jan. 25th, 2012 11:28 am
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boy I haven't posted in a while huh? well I was bored so I decided to add a new icon do you like it? it's not the one I wanted and I'd show the pix I wanted, but I don't know how ^_^U oh well.
on a random note has anyone thought that the profiles here resemble the ones from dating sites?? or is it just me? ^^
if someone can tell me how to post pix I'd be very grateful!

edited 2/13/2012
okay people this *points up* is a good example of what happens when I've had way too much caffeine.
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Plot Challenges from an Insanely Overactive Imagination Volume 13:

This idea came just after I finished reading Late Night Musings by Lady of Elysion go read it, it’s great and while you’re at it read Sleep by walaakongkwenta, it’s great too! ^_^.


What would happen if Niou was wandering around Tokyo and ran into Eiji? How would Eiji react? What would they do? What would they talk about? What would happen if you added Yagyuu and Fuji to the mix? Hey why is Fuji smiling like that?

The two stories mentioned are written off the same Challenge but as you can see (or will see) they are different! Hooray for vague plot challenges! ^_^ Okay, I’ve had waaaay too much caffeine. Have fun!! Bye bye.

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Plot Challenges from an Insanely Overactive Imagination Volume 12:

This idea came while I was reading Shitsuren; it’s a Vampire Knight fic.

PoT/Vampire Knight Crossover:

What would have happened if the Seigaku Regulars went on a camping trip and instead of finding their camping site they stumbled across Cross Academy? What would they do? What would the Guardians do? Hell what would the Night Class do? What will they find out? Will they become lunch?

I think I’ll stop this one now…*smiles sheepishly* I just realized that these challenges sound like summaries… that wasn’t my intention. Oh well. Have fun and see you next time!! =^_^=

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Plot Challenges from an Insanely Overactive Imagination Volume 11:

This one comes from a piece of fan art I saw and unfortunately I can’t remember where exactly, all I know is it was on YouTube.


We all know that Inui makes strange stuff, right? Well, what would happen if he made one that swapped the personalities of those that drank the stuff (cuz it doesn’t deserve to be called a drink)? Who would be the ones to suffer? Which schools? How would it be fixed?

Now I know someone’s done a story similar to this BUT that story swapped the people’s minds not personalities. Have fun and I look forward to any stories you write from any of the challenges! *whispers* I wanna see someone take on volume 1!! Bye! ^_^


Oct. 17th, 2011 03:25 pm
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does anyone else wish that you could choose more than one tag?? it drive me nuts, which is something I don't need as I already am nuts, that I have to sift through everything to find basically what I'm looking for.

Random 10

Aug. 27th, 2011 02:39 pm
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Plot Challenges from an Overactive Imagination Volume 10:

Blame my video games for this one… *sigh* I really need to get out more… on to the challenge.


What would happen if the PoT characters were pulled into a video game, any video game? Which game would it be? Would there be more than one game? Which side would they be on? Or would they be on more than one side?

Like I said blame my video games for this, I’ve wondered for years what would happen if I was pulled into one, which led to wondering what the PoT boys would do if they were pulled into a video game. Have fun!! ^_^
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wow it's been awhile since I last posted... anyway if anyone reads this can you tell me what Masa's Flight From the Labyrinth is about!!! I've watched it about 20 times and I still can't figure it out. oh and how to do a cut as I don't know how. an explanation to either or both would be greatly appreciated.


Jul. 3rd, 2011 06:23 pm
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watched Bunraku at AM2 today! it was odd and intersting. the movie is basically in english, but it was still good. I recomend if you can find it, watch it. I'm not gonna give any spoilers so don't ask. (I probably wouldn't be able to tell you anyways) :D

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wow Kanon W. is awsome!! jeeze I couldn't stop shivering during her performance! then when Kanon x Kanon performed they taught us the otage (Ithink thats what they called it) dance, that was just strange. but they were really, really good and it was their first live as Kanon x Kanon. even though I got smacked in the back of the head by one of the fans trying to catch one of the glow sticks Kanon-chan threw, my mood wasn't dampened (which would have been very hard to do considering it was my first ever live concert).


Jul. 1st, 2011 09:02 pm
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Just got back from AM2 and the first thing I did was put in the An Cafe CD I bought.
Went to the Saide panel and one of them (I think it was Aiko, is that his name?) got a hug from one of their fans. Went to the Kanon x Kanon panel too, when asked what they did on the other side of the gate kanon-san said something that the translator didn't think was decent to translate, and Kanon-chan said sleep.
Gonna go to sleep now so I don't irratate anyone with my bouncing around! ^_^

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Plot Challenges from an Insanely Overactive Imagination
Volume 9:

This is another idea that just came out of nowhere,

PoT/Ouran High School Host Club Crossover:

7 Regulars (one each from different schools) are chosen to swap places with the
Host Club for one week. What will happen to the Host Club? The Regulars? The
schools the Hosts go to? What will the Host Club’s customers think about or do
to the Regulars? NOTE: the Hosts aren’t taking the place of any of the
Regulars, just going to the schools. (Tamaki with his commoner obsession) 

Not entirely sure this one makes any sense, but it could
just be me. Maybe I should type these up while fully awake…. Oh yeah, while I’m
thinking about it you should know that I’ll post different ideas for the same
categories (obviously) so if you request something you may get multiple ideas.
Have fun!!

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Plot Challenges from an Insanely Overactive Imagination
Volume 8:

I have absolutely no idea where this came from, but it seems
like it would be fun.


You have Ryoma, Kintarou, Akaya, Dan, and Hiyoshi. What
would happen if they were to go to another school for one week? To which school
would each of them go? What would their respective teammates say? What would
they learn? Would they even go?

Like I said I have absolutely no idea where this came from,
but why not? I just realized that most of these challenges involve chaos. REMEMBER MULTIPLE PEOPLE CAN USE THESE!!
Have fun!

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Plot Challenges from an Insanely Overactive Imagination
Volume 7:

Requested by Alpha14. Not entirely sure how to go about this
but oh well.

PoT/Ouran High School Host Club Crossover:

We all know that Ouran is a rich school, and that Hyotei is
one as well. What would happen if one of the two schools was being renovated
and the students were sent to the other school? Care to see what happens when
the Hyotei Regulars collide with the Host Club?
I’ve tried to make this as un-clichéd as possible…but I just
give out the plot and let you run with it in any direction you want. So have
fun! ^_^

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Plot Challenges from an Insanely Overactive Imagination
Volume 6:
Now this one comes at the request of Magic Detective. You
can request something but if I don’t get an idea it probably won’t show up.

PoT/Pokémon Crossover:
During practice strange creatures pop up and the Hyotei
Regulars have no idea where they came from and what to do with them. Enter Ash,
Misty, and Brock (hey it’s fitting they’re all from Kanto) here to get the
Pokémon back with the Regulars help of course.

This was the first thing that popped into my head for a
PoT/Pokémon crossover. ^_^ Now I’ve had people ask me why I don’t write these,
the answer is simple… my muses don’t stick around long enough, they just drop
off ideas *sigh* what can you do? Have fun!

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Plot Challenges from an Insanely Overactive Imagination
Volume 5:

PoT/Inuyasha Crossover:

Now I realize that people have done PoT/Inuyasha crossovers
before but I think this one’s a little different.

Kanto is over and the top 4 teams go to Higurashi Shrine and
somehow end up getting pulled into the past. In order to leave they have to
help find the rest of the shards. Along the way friendships are forged (or
renewed) and secrets are revealed.

I got to thinking and I wondered why there were
no crossovers (at least I haven’t found any) that had the PoT characters going
to the past, and so that *points up* was what I thought up. Have fun!

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Plot Challenges from an Insanely Overactive Imagination Volume 4:

IMPORTANT NOTE: anyone can use these even more than one person! That’s why they are vague so each author has the freedom to take it any way they want. Now that that’s cleared up, on to the next idea

PoT/Fruba Crossover:
What would happen if Yuki, Kyou, Tohru, Momiji, and Hatsuharu were walking around during Kanto and bumped into Rikkai and Seigaku? What would they all do? And what would happen if Hyotei made an appearance?

I’m not entirely sure where this one came from but it sounded really fun so here it is! Again multiple people can use any of these! Have fun!
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Plot Ideas from an Insanely Overactive Imagination Volume 3:
You can blame icy_nya for this one as it is the
result of a chat we had.

PoT fandom:

When Niou is trying to sleep he comes up with the craziest
ideas. Some of them pranks, some just musings, others are ways to get his love
all to himself. When he wakes in the morning he wonders why he thinks up this
stuff when trying to sleep.

A bit more detailed that the other two but oh well.

The chat ended with us talking about why we seemed to get
ideas when trying to fall asleep.

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Plot Challenges from an Insanely Overactive Imagination
Volume 2:

This is just another idea that popped into my mind while
trying to sleep and won’t go away.

PoT/NCIS crossover:

What would happen if there was a Navy Sailor who was
murdered during the National Finals while he was watching the final match? Who
would you send? Why Gibbs team of course. What kind of chaos would ensue?
Considering that Gibbs would be dealing with Seigaku, Rikkai, Shitenhouji, and
the others quite a bit, but that’s what would make it fun.

I’ll leave the pairings and genere to you! Have fun!

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